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YES! ~ We Install New Downspout Drain Lines

We make it right the first time!

Installation of gutter downspout drain lines , also known as gutter drains, gutter pipes, gutter undergrounds, gutter drain tiles.
When we install a new line, we use 4" PE # 3000 S & D Pipe + 4" fittings. Code in most areas call for 3' lines. WE ALWAYS INSTALL 4" Drain Lines on New Installations for fewer problems in the future.
We always meet or exceed codes for all cities and townships of Columbus and surrounding areas.

Installing New Drain lines from downspouts will give worry free operations.
4" drain lines carry a larger volume of water than a 3" pipe.

Downspout drain lines from spout to street are gravity fed, which means the beginning of the line ( at the downspouts) must be higher than the curb or street discharge point for proper operations.

We have seen many problems with NEW BUILDS and the drain tiles installed.
The Usual scenario that we see is gutter downspout drain lines not functioning due to the line is collapsed or installed to deep at the downspouts.
The cause of this is because the pipes are installed BEFORE final grade.
Heavy machinery is brought onto site AFTER drain lines are installed and causes smooshed pipe and depressions around house pushing pipe down below gravity feed levels.

As the home owner, you may not see this problem for years! But once detected, the remedy remains the same. Install new drain lines for proper flow to the street.

Existing homes~ life span of downspout drain lines is about 20 years. with proper maintenance and repair they can last longer.
If you have not maintained your rainwater drainage lines, you may need replacement of the lines. It is possible to repair drain lines WHEN ECONOMICAL.
We do Drain line cleaning and repair.
sometimes, only cleaning and minor repairs are needed. When repair costs to a drain line get above $700, we write estimates for replacements of drain lines.

Normally a fair estimate for drain tile / drain line replacement cost for one side of home will run about $1100 -1700 (pending footage, difficulty, sidewalks etc.).

We have the Experienced personnel, proper Machinery and tools to take care of an installation quickly and efficiently.
Please remember...The work is labor instensive.

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Downspout drain lines
& Repair

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