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Sump pit

In The Basement or crawl space

A SUMP PIT is normally installed in the basement or a crawl space but,

sometimes they come in handy to remove water from a back yard that is much lower than the street and there is no where for the water accumulating to go.

SUMP PITS are used in conjunction with SUMP PUMPS and PERIMETER DRAINS. The Sump pit is a collection / accumulation point before pumping water from pit to discharge point outside of basement / crawl space walls.

SUMP PITs are installed below the concrete of the basement floor. BEST SUMP PIT SIZES / DEPTHS are about 24" and the diameter is also 24"

GRAVEL is normally installed around the SUMP PIT To help with accumulation of WATER to the area. Perforating the pit will help water to enter the pit for discharge.

A Basement perimeter drain or gravel perforated pipe can / is installed along the footer under basement floors or dirt/gravel crawl spaces. gravel perforated pipe is helpful to remove high water table water and hydrostatic pressure water from under the floor and into the SUMP PIT for discharge away from areas of concern. See Basement Perimeter Drains / HYDROSTAIC PRESSURE and HIGH WATER TABLES
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