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Maintaining Downspout Drain Lines ~ Drain Tiles ~

If you are seeing Wet Corners in your basement on the wall and it looks something like a christmas tree...
more than likely, your drain tile is not functioning properly!
Roots, blockages, debris and or seperation in the downspout drain line has occurred,

Using a drain tile cleaning machine is the answer! [4]
a machine will find the problem, in most cases remove the blockage and or roots ( unless the root is HUGE)
as so the downspout drain pipe will take water away from the wall and out to the street or discharge point.

This is your first step in maintenance of the downspout drain line.

Over 80% of wet basement walls / corners is due to non-functioning downspout drain lines,

Periodic cleaning
with a machine and cable will help prevent roots and blockages in the line. Watch Drain Line Clean and REPAIR video [5]