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Fact: The # 1 cause of wet basements is improperly installed or broken downspout drain lines.
The downspout drain lines (drain tiles) may also have the sump pump discharge line exiting into them .

A non functioning system will dump most all roof water and sump discharge water around your foundation which in turn will create wall cracks
and water in corners.
Discoloration of the basement walls , mold (looks something like a christmas tree on blocks and basement wall corners), and seeping water are indicators of a need for downspout drain lines.
Within 48 hours of moisture ~ mold begins to grow,
flooded area's, lending access for insects, termites, rodents, property damage, and wet basements.

You could spend $25,000.00 for a basement waterproofing job when all that may be needed are Installation / replacement of downspout drain lines.
A fair estimate for most homes replacing both sides out to street would be about 2500.00 (THAT'S 1/10th THE COST to resolve the vast majaority of basement water problems!).

In some cases it's necessary to do more extensive work which will end up costing more however,
for the most part a properly installed drainage system will do wonders on removing or redirecting high volumes of water.
Dont OVERKILL the PROBLEM! Get your downspout drain lines cleaned,repaired or replaced 1st!