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Hydrostatic pressure and high water tables

Basement perimeter drains are essential when high water table or emense hydrostatic pressure is present below or around your basement foundations.

What needs to be done:
Once it has been determined "you need a perimeter drain" installed along the base of a wall or walls of your basement ~ The concrete floor must be cut and jack hammmered. Dirt soil clay must be removed from the trench, 3/4" hole in each block along area of work must be drilled, gravel layed in trench, perforated pipe layed atop gravel in trench and more gravel on pipe filling to grade of basement floor.

A sump pit must be installed and a sump pump in the pit needs plumbed from pit to outside wall discharge to have a functioning system.

This is a costly project ranging from $3500 ( one wall or area of wall) to $25,000 (all walls of basement standard size homes) installing a sump pit + sump pump, + check valve + plumb sump discharge to outside wall cost is about $1200 to $1500.

Be sure you need this type of system before spending huge amounts of money.
If you do not have rainwater drainage systems installed from your
*downspout drain lines ( drain tiles)
or these 3 essential systems are not functioning proerly
it is sometimes difficult to determine if you truly need basement perimeter drains installed.
We will say it again ~ BE SURE your rainwater drainage systems are installed and working properly before installing basement perimeter drains systems!